Custom Loadcell Design & Manufacture Process

Crosby Straightpoint

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Straightpoint is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom loadcells for lifting, rigging and heavy industry.

Since 1977 we have developed data, knowledge and systems to ensure that all SP custom loadcells are accurate, reliable and most importantly safe.

As an ISO9001:2015 company we have a clear process for custom transducer projects:

  1. Enquiry
  2. Qualification of requirement with client
  3. Quotation
  4. Design & FEA
  5. Customer Review & sign off
  6. Materials Procurement
  7. Manufacture and Testing
  8. Despatch


  • Evaluate loadcell requirements; accuracy, environment, WLL
  • Evaluate customer requirements; output, instrumentation, lead time
  • Review similar applications, special tools needed, vendor and subcontractor capabilities

This stage entails the customer providing the specifications and requirements to Straightpoint and us to evaluate the needs of the customer and plan the series of steps necessary to address those needs best.


  • Engineering estimates for materials, tooling and time for manufacture
  • Sales team incorporates in-house estimates, vendor/sub-contractor support and in-house commitments
  • Generate quotations, pricing and delivery, notations and exceptions

This stage entails Straightpoint identifying the scope and cost quotations for the custom design and development of the particular application.


  • Material Definition
  • Environmental Specifications
  • Stress Analysis & FEA
  • Measurement and Calibration Definition
  • Bridge Configuration
  • Cabling/Clearance or wireless considerations
  • Prepare client documentation to include:
  • Develop detailed part/component manufacturing drawings
  • Generate strain gage/wiring schematics
  • Develop all assembly and sub-assembly drawings
  • Cabling and Clearance
  • Define all required bill of materials
  • Document detailed manufacturing instructions
  • Document required calibration and instrumentation
  • Detail special testing/hold points, special processing


  • Provide GA drawing set to customer with detailed proposal
    • Physical geometry and characteristics
    • Measurement criteria and specifications
    • Strength, material and finish data
  • Clarify and finalize every requirement
  • Receive final approved design/drawings from customer


  • Bill of material drives raw material and component procurement
  • Utilize approved suppliers for required materials and special processes
  • Maintain certifications for all major components
  • Receive and inspect materials and certifications


  • Loadcell Build
    • Manufacture and route per documented custom instructions
    • Complete all required in-house testing, quality information and vendor support
  • Loadcell Testing
    • Perform final deliverable testing, proof loading, calibration and deliverable quality information
    • Review and sign-off deliverable loadcell system testing including all quality deliverables


  • Certification and user manual produced
  • Final loadcell checking and packing
  • Packing in flight case with correct documentation
  • Despatch
  • Customer sent tracking info
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