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Q. Do you hire or rent load cells?
A. No we don't. However, many of our partners offer load cell hire or rental so we can connect you with one of them.

Q. Do your load cells come with a calibration certificate and carry case?
A. Yes, all Crosby SP load cells come with a certificate of calibration, proof test & EC declaration of conformity. Depending on the WLL they are supplied in either an aluminium case or wooden shipping crate.

Q. What is the availability of your products?
A. Our standard range of products are in stock at our UK and USA facilities up to 500t capacity and can usually be despatched within 3 working days from receipt of order.

Q. Where are your products manufactured?
A. Crosby SP Manufacturing Plant, United Kingdom - See our short video here

Q. Can you calibrate my load cell, it’s not a Crosby Straightpoint?
A. We can adjust the readings on many other manufacturers' products (providing we hold the adjustment details) If we do not hold these details, then a calibration certificate of ‘as found’ readings will be supplied.

Q. Do you charge inspection fees for repairs?
A. No. We will inspect a faulty load cell and raise a no-obligation quote FOC. If the work is declined, we only charge for return carriage (if applicable).

Q. What is the environmental protection of your load cells?
A. Our wireless range of load cells is rated IP67 or NEMA6, and our self-indicating load cells are rated IP65 or NEMA4X. We can manufacture load cells to higher ratings, if necessary, for applications in radius areas or even subsea. Ratings explained here >

Q. Is it possible to control more than one Bluetooth Load Cell and see the active weight with one smartphone with the HHP app?
A. Currently, no this is not possible. The app and loadcell are one-to-one.

Q. Is it possible to see the active weight of one Bluetooth Load Cell with more than one smartphone with the HHP app? (ex: 4 smartphones with HHP app)
A. Currently, no this is not possible. The app and loadcell are one-to-one.

Q. Does the Bluetooth Load Cell have "Awake" and "Sleep" mode?
A. For battery saving, the Bluetooth Low Energy PCB has internal auto sleep-wake available and this is on whenever the HHP app is in use. When polled by the app the Bluetooth PCB will automatically turn on and send data.

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