Hydraulic Line Pull Testing Equipment v SP Products

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Crosby Straightpoint equivalent products for Hydraulic Line Pull Systems

Tong line pull systems ATEX Radiolink plus or Wireless Loadshackle
Crane weight indicators ATEX Radiolink plus
Wireline weight indicators ATEX Radiolink plus or Wireless Loadshackle or Running line Dynamometer (TIMH)
Tension load cells Radiolink plus (ATEX)
Compression load cells LoadSafe wireless compression load cell

Intrinsically Safe Load Cells

For line pull systems or tong line pull, in hazardous areas, Crosby SP provides an intrinsically safe ATEX/IECEx certificated Wireless Load Cell range, for use in zones 0,1 & 2.ATEX wireless handheld plus

Each product is built and approved by CSA Group, manufactured in a specifically approved workshop and the electronic components are completely sealed within the casing to prevent any chance of electrical sparks igniting flammable gases while in use on oilfield line pull systems.

Why are SP products more suited than Hydraulic equivalents

SP RLP-ATEX is a great alternative to hydraulic or mechanical dynamometers:

  • Safely monitor away from the load (up to 700m or 2300ft)
  • More accurate
  • No cables
  • Line pull can be shown in lbs/kgs / tonnes or kN
  • User-configurable visual overload alarm
  • Smaller, lighter, more portable
  • Cleaner (no oil)
  • Less individual parts
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