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 Straightpoint Customer Testimonials



Straightpoint has taken care of us regarding specifications,technical information and rapid response concerning deliveries.

The workmanship of the product is top notch and exceeds our load testing

requirements that are critical out in the field.

We will continue to purchase these fine engineered products for all our

NDT work in the future.


Tony Fastuca





PFEIFER - Germany

Since we sell your loadcells and crane scales (beginning 2008) we have much success in that business range.
We're happy with our private label version which you created for us very quick and uncomplicated. That was really a great service.
Regarding the success we had in selling the loadcells we also decided to buy testing rigs from you to offer our customers a better service in Germany.
Because of your fair prices for good products, your good service and quick shipment we were able to increase that business range very quick and now we are an important player in that market.
Even if there was any problem (super quick delivery necessary e.g.) you have been always flexible in solving these problems to satisfies our customers.
I'm also very happy that we were able to help you to improve your products or help you in developing new products. You always listen to the Feedback of your customers and thats great!
All in all we're totally happy with you!

Wolfgang Gerster
Fachkaufmann für Marketing Produktmanager Hebezeuge & Anschlagtechnik /
Product Manager Lifting Devices Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH

IPA - India

IPA has been in the buisness of weighing and automation in the Indian Market for the last 32 years.  

Over the years we have had a huge number of customers and suppliers. IPA's interaction with Straightpoint started a couple of years ago and are extremely pleased to be interacting with such a professional company.  
The queries are addressed very quickly and even though there is a difference of about 5 hrs between the two countries, we have never felt it. The products are just excellent and features are being added regularly that we cannot ask for more. 
The team at Straightpoint headed by David Ayling is the most efficient as with such a small team they are able to cater to such a large clientle very effectively.We are sure that we would have our buisness relationships last as long as the companies are alive. We wish the Straightpoint team all the luck and as IPA ,we are privilaged to be associated with them.   
Director Sales Kurian V. Abraham
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