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Straightpoint launches load cell hire division
28 Sep 2012

Force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells designer and manufacturer Straightpoint has launched a load cell hire division for use on short or one off projects and within the offshore market.

The load cell hire division launched due to popular demand for all load cell force sensors ranging from 500kg to 300 tons, with a 500 tons loadshackle being added to its range shortly. The range is comprised of both compression and tension load cells, all of which are pre-calibrated and supplied with certificates and a 12 month warranty. The tension load cell fleet includes the popular Radiolink plus and Loadlink plus ranges as well as the Miniweigher Plus and compression cell ranges.

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lift and hoist international


Straightpoint ensures high profile at LiftEx 2012

Hampshire, UK-based Straightpoint, a designer and maker of load monitoring devices and crane scales, has signed up as attendee bag sponsor for the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association's (LEEA) annual LiftEx trade show. Now in its eighth year, LiftEx 2012 takes place 29-30 November at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK.

LiftEx is the UK's only trade show dedicated exclusively to overhead lifting and safe work at height, covering overhead cranes and hoists; below-the-hook devices; control technologies; associated training, test, examination and verification services; and more.

Straightpoint has been a member of the LEEA for three years and LiftEx 2012 will be its fifth year of exhibiting at the show. More on this article here..



July 16, 2012, 4:00 a.m. EDT

World Exclusive - Launch of New Wireless Centre of Gravity System



Straightpoint (UK) Ltd, the world leaders in the design and manufacture of force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells, have just launched what is believed to be the FIRST off-the-shelf wireless centre of gravity system of its type in the world.

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lift and hoistStraightpoint launches centre of gravity finder

Wireless Centre of Gravity SystemUK-based Straightpoint (UK) Ltd., a manufacturer of force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells, has launched what it claimed to be the first off-the-shelf wireless centre of gravity system of its type in the world.

The technology is ideal for helping to ascertain the weight and centre of gravity of large structures or items with an uneven weight distribution. It produces a centre of gravity report through readings taken via the wireless dongle and PC software, which is connected to up to eight wireless compressive load cells.

As the tool is wireless, it is quicker and safer than a cable-led system and it can be used on items up to 4,000 tonnes in weight. It can ensure the safe lifting and unloading of items that do not have an evenly distributed weight, particularly useful in the offshore market.

Straightpoint Load cell Destruction Test - Video

This is a test to destruction of a straightpoint 35te load cell. Watch as over 177te is applied until load cell finally yields to this massive force.



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