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Straightpoint Appoints New Australian Distributor

Hoisting Equipment Specialists (Vic) Pty Ltd head office in Melbourne, Victoria 9 June 2016 

Straightpoint has named Hoisting Equipment Specialists (Vic) Pty Ltd (HES) a distributor of its force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment in Australia.

Under the agreement, the Melbourne-based company will supply Straightpoint’s full range of equipment and promote it through its HES, Schillings Hoisting Equipment and Load Restraint Systems brands, giving Australia-wide exposure.

Australian Calibrating Services (ACS) will remain a Straightpoint supplier and will calibrate equipment upon arrival into Australia. However, HES will replace its existing force measurement equipment suppliers with Straightpoint’s range, thus, positioning it as the load cell manufacturer’s lead representative in the region.

Dean NelsonDean Nelson, managing director of HES, said: “I am hugely excited about adding Straightpoint equipment to our portfolio and anticipate demand to be solid. Most markets are in decline at the moment, with mining and construction heading the pack. But as a group of companies we fly in the face of this decline and have recorded double digit growth in our financial year to date.”

He added: “I strongly believe we have attained greater market share in a shrinking market. We are active and well known in wind energy , while other industries not only engage us in supply and installation activity but also ongoing maintenance. We are also recognised in the entertainment, utilities, hire, heavy engineering, and transport sectors.”

Straightpoint recently launched explosion proof versions of its most popular product, the Radiolink plus wireless load cell, in addition to the wireless Handheld plus, compression cells, shackle cells, load pins and the Running Line Dynamometer (or TIMH). HES will stock much of the range at Melbourne headquarters with immediate effect.

David Ayling, director, Straightpoint, said: “I am equally optimistic about our new partnership. HES is extremely well connected with a strong customer base, which it reinforces with a great digital marketing strategy. There are many other synergies between the companies in terms of leadership and culture. I am glad we are retaining the calibration expertise of ACS, but with HES driving penetration into the marketplace, we are poised to take our presence in the region to another level.”

Nelson concluded: “We want to be very clear with our existing and prospective customers that in Straightpoint products, we are carrying market-leading, top-end, force measurement equipment. As a manufacturer, it is at the forefront of technological development and will offer our customers quality, safety and functionality that is not available elsewhere.”
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