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Straightpoint Load cell Destruction Test - Video

This is a test to destruction of a straightpoint 35te load cell. Watch as over 177te is applied until load cell finally yields to this massive force.



Straightpoint UK, load cell and force measurement equipment manufacturer

Provides its RFID-equipped Radiolink Plus range of load cells to an international market.


BBC film radiolink load cell system

Measuring Airbus 380 wing forces.



A cutting edge 'state of the art' wireless load monitoring system manufactured and supplied by Straightpoint is being used in a £10bn programme to keep the world's largest airliner, the Airbus 380, in the skies.

The international UK-based company was contracted to supply a radio load link system to ensure the complex 29-tonne wings of the majestic aircraft - which act as fuel tanks - are perfectly balanced in flight.

Straightpoint Managing Director Dave Ayling's load systems expertise was called upon to deliver and install one of the firm's high accuracy force measurement load cell systems to enable Airbus 380 engineers to check wings for safety and reliability as they are produced at the UK's biggest factory at Filton, near Bristol.

Straightpoint is currently being featured on BBC television's iPlayer after their work was filmed in the corporations's 'How To Build...' documentary series, this one entitled 'How to Build a Super Jumbo Wing'.

MD Dave Ayling said: "The BBC documentary brings to life the amazing technology in our very modest looking load cell products. The remote sensors assist engineers to check the centre of gravity is correct in the Airbus wings.

"It is immensely satisfying to see that the awe-inspring Airbus 380, an aviation marvel, is able to take off, fly and land due to the engineering expertise in our little black boxes."

Loadcell hire division now launched

Due to demand, we recently launched a load cell hire division for loadcell force sensors ranging from 500kg to 250tonnes, available immediately on a weekly or longer term basis. loadcell hire

Prices start from just £80 per week and the range includes both compression and tension loadcells, all pre-calibrated and supplied with certificates and, as standard, our 12 month Straightpoint warranty.


Straightpoint (UK) Ltd First Loadcell Company to Include RFID Tagging in Products

Straightpoint (UK) Limited, world leaders in load monitoring technology, is the first loadcell company to offer radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging incorporated within its products, sold to companies all around the world. The company has just introduced the tag to all its ‘link’ style loadcell products, allowing valuable inspection records to be wirelessly transferred from the product onto a secure database on the company’s computer. The process check stores a QUIC-CHECK ID number, product type, in service date, date of last recorded inspection and the status of the product at the last recorded inspection, making records more accurate and saving time compared to completing manual records.

Clients buying the enhanced Straightpoint loadcell products incorporating the RFID tagging can then use the Crosby handheld device and free software program to transfer the data from the product quickly, safely and accurately onto their computer system, providing the user a quick reference to inspection information on the specific product being inspected.

Director of Straightpoint (UK) Ltd, David Ayling enthused ‘the RFID tag system reduces the total inspection process time up to 65% and eliminates errors from handwritten or manual typed inspection reports. It also gives companies the ability to quickly reference all records and can be used in conjunction with other Crosby RFID tagged products companies might be using, such as Loadcell - Radiolink Plusslings or shackles, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. In addition, we’ve kept the loadcell products with the RFID tag at the same price.’

David Ayling continues ‘We’ve also been busy working on enhancing one of our top-selling products, which is now finalised – the Radiolink Plus product has been recently upgraded to have 1600 hours of battery life (previously it was 850 hours) due to new battery technology and its clever ‘sleep’ mode when not in use, so there’s no need to charge it every night. The product is proving very popular with on and offshore-related businesses. We have recently supplied several of these new models for use on dock-side cranes due to its extended battery time, remote control operation and the ability to safely hang it from the hook of a crane to accurately test the weight of containers before being loaded onto boats heading for offshore rigs.’

Crosby Europe’s sales and marketing director Richard Oldknow, adds ‘I welcome the steps taken by Straightpoint to harness the power of RFID and further strengthen Crosby’s Quic Check system as a valuable inspection tool.

Hampshire-based Straightpoint (UK) Limited supplies crane scales as well as tension and compression loadcells to organisations in the UK and its 22 global distributors, collectively covering every global continent.

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